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I Want to Believe Poster Cross Stitch

It is done! I finished the X-Files cross stitch late Saturday night, and washed/dried/ironed it on Sunday. Then I backed it and added hanging loops on Monday and waited for a sunny(ish) day to photograph it. Bask in its glory:

photograph of completed I want to believe X-files poster cross stitch

photograph of the author holding the completed x-files cross stitch in front of a brick wall

Posing proudly with the completed piece

This is the first piece I’ve bothered to sign and date, but as the biggest piece I’ve ever done, I want posterity to remember who stitched this and how long it took!close-up photograph of back-stitched dates reading July 18 2014 to May 9 2015

And some more detailed shots:

detail photograph of x-files cross stitch showing shades of green framed by black plant silhouettes

This is possibly my favorite part of the piece. I love the shading from one color to the next and the way it is framed by the black.

detail photograph of X-Files cross stitch showing the UFO

The UFO is pretty great, too.

It now has a proud place next to the front door.

Photograph of the X-Files cross stitch hanging on a wall next to a door

It really ties the room together

To compare, here is a still from the show that shows the poster in Mulder’s office:


Image source: Know Your Meme

And here are the stats on this piece’s construction:

  • Fabric: 18 count white aida
  • Pattern source: Self-made (now available on Dropbox)
  • Number of colors: 13 (DMC floss)
  • Finished size: 270 stitches tall and 234 stitches wide (15 by 13 inches)
    • 63,180 total stitches
  • Start & end dates: July 18, 2014 — May 9, 2015
    • Time to complete: 296 days (estimated 215 hours, but probably more than that)
  • Finishing: Piece is backed with a piece of grey Kona cotton stiffened with iron-in interfacing. I added tabs for hanging by sewing folded-over ribbon into the top seam.
  • Television watched while working: Approximately all of it
    • But seriously, just off the top of my head, I watched a season of Borgen; all of Weeds and Stargate Universe; a good chunk of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis; several seasons of Buffy; all of Firefly and Dollhouse; both seasons of The Fall; several episodes of Farscape; The Thick of It; True Detective (though I worked on March’s flower of the month for most of that); Better Call Saul; some VEEP; some Last Week Tonight and Colbert Report; Black Mirror; the first season of Hatufim; The Inbetweeners; Black Books; several episodes of Friday Night Dinner… and that’s not even considering the many hours of working set to music, radio, and the eerie silence of my own thoughts
  • Birthday parties attended with this project in tow: at least 5 (but interestingly, not my own, even though I did have my birthday while working on this)

Now the question is: what to do next? I’ve already started some other projects, but they all seem to take no time at all compared to this one.

Updated to add: If you would like to stitch this yourself, click here for the link to download the pattern (free).


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WIP Wednesday: More than 88.2% Complete

Another Wednesday, another progress shot of my X-Files cross stitch:

I Want to Believe X-Files cross stitch progress shot April 28 2015

A few days ago I calculated how finished I was: 55,572 stitches complete out of 63,180 total (that’s 88.2%!). I’ve done at least a thousand stitches since then, so that puts me over the 90% mark! Sometimes I need numerical reassurance that it will be done at some point.

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WIP Wednesday: I Want to B

Like last week, I have two projects in the works this Wednesday. First, the old and familiar:
I want to believe cross stitch  progress  picture april 22

And next the new and fabulous!

adventure time mathematical zipper pouch picture

I know it looks finished, but it technically is still in progress — I have to slip stitch the lining closed and also wash & iron it.

I bought this great Adventure Time fabric a few months ago, hoping to make a pair of pajama pants. But alas, I foolishly bought about half a yard too little to make pajama pants, and even more foolishly, discovered this after cutting the fabric into several pieces. So I had a bunch of small and oddly-shaped pieces of the fabric, but I found a great use for them: making bags. I made this lined, zippered pouch today, and later I’ll use this fabric as the lining in a needle felted tote bag that I am also dreaming up.

Making a zippered pouch like this is really quick and easy. I follow this tutorial from Design Sponge.

What are you working on this Wednesday?


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WIP Wednesday: Old and New

Today for Work in Progress Wednesday I have an old project and a new one:

X-Files I Want to Believe work in progress

First the old — but with new, beautiful text!

April flower of the month work in progress

And the new project, April’s Flower of the Month.

This flower of the month is much harder than March’s, the pinks look too similar and it gives me a headache. It doesn’t help that it’s been rather dark and cloudy recently. But today it is sunny, and so is the forecast through the weekend, so there should be plenty of light for stitching!

What are you working on today?


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WIP Wednesday: Don’t Stop Believing

Another week and another progress shot of the X-Files poster cross stitch:

x-files cross stitch work in progress april 1

Now with letters!

As you can see, I completed the sky and started on the final bit: the lettering at the bottom. I decided that I wanted to fill in the letters with white stitching, not just leave the white canvas to show, so it will take me a bit longer. But what’s another few thousand stitches when you’ve already done so many?

What are you working on this Wednesday? Share in the comments!

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WIP Wednesday: I Still Want to Believe

I was so hoping to be able to share my X-Files cross stitch with a completed sky today, but life kept happening and getting in the way, so I am only almost mostly done with the sky:

X-Files cross stitch work in progress photo for March 25

Apologies for the meh lighting, but if I waited for a not-overcast day in Portland, you wouldn’t see pictures until July.

The good news is that the life that kept happening was pretty exciting: looking for tutoring jobs, making pesto, and listing several patterns in my brand-new Craftsy shop!

pattern shop button

There are even more cross stitch chart/patterns that I want to put up there, some all ready to go and some are still just ideas in my head. So, visit early & visit often — just like voting! And don’t forget to share your own works in progress today, here in the comments or over on Tumblr.

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WIP Wednesday: I Want to Believe

It’s Wednesday, which means taking a look at my cross stitch work in progress. This week, like dozens of weeks before, I’m working on a cross stitch rendition of Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster from the X-Files.

X-Files I Want to Believe cross stitch in progress

This has been a WIP since July 2014, when I first made the pattern and brought home dozens of skeins of floss (mostly DMC 168 for the sky). The finished size will be 270 by 234 stitches on 18 count aida (that’s 63,180 stitches). Hopefully next week I will finish the sky and start on the lettering.

What projects are you working on this week? Share in the comments!

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