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WIP Wednesday: I Still Want to Believe

I was so hoping to be able to share my X-Files cross stitch with a completed sky today, but life kept happening and getting in the way, so I am only almost mostly done with the sky:

X-Files cross stitch work in progress photo for March 25

Apologies for the meh lighting, but if I waited for a not-overcast day in Portland, you wouldn’t see pictures until July.

The good news is that the life that kept happening was pretty exciting: looking for tutoring jobs, making pesto, and listing several patterns in my brand-new Craftsy shop!

pattern shop button

There are even more cross stitch chart/patterns that I want to put up there, some all ready to go and some are still just ideas in my head. So, visit early & visit often — just like voting! And don’t forget to share your own works in progress today, here in the comments or over on Tumblr.

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WIP Wednesday: I Want to Believe

It’s Wednesday, which means taking a look at my cross stitch work in progress. This week, like dozens of weeks before, I’m working on a cross stitch rendition of Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster from the X-Files.

X-Files I Want to Believe cross stitch in progress

This has been a WIP since July 2014, when I first made the pattern and brought home dozens of skeins of floss (mostly DMC 168 for the sky). The finished size will be 270 by 234 stitches on 18 count aida (that’s 63,180 stitches). Hopefully next week I will finish the sky and start on the lettering.

What projects are you working on this week? Share in the comments!

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