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Finished Project: Magikarp

I finished another Pokémon on plastic canvas, to keep Oddish company.


I used a Magikarp pattern from Birdie Stitching. Magikarp & Oddish now hang out together on BMO, our laptop:



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Finished Project: Oddish on plastic canvas

I’m still plugging away at the Simpsons couch project, but that’s going to be a while (and is waiting on me to go to the store for more floss). In the meantime I stitched up a quick Oddish at the request of my husband.

picture of Oddish pokemon stitched on plastic canvas

The pattern is from Birdie Stitching, your one-stop resource for Pokémon cross stitch patterns. I converted the Anchor threads to DMC with this tool, then substituted a bunch of colors because I didn’t have the ones the converter suggested. I stitched Oddish on 14 count plastic canvas with two strands of floss.

Right now he is a desk companion for my husband, but maybe later he will get a magnet and join the other Pokémon on the fridge.


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Free Pattern Friday: I Choose You!

Today for free pattern Friday I have another magnet or badge cross stitch idea featuring Pikachu!

pikachu cross stitch chart

This pattern is a simplified version of the same Pikachu pose originally posted by Birdie Stitching. You can right click and choose “Save As” to save the pattern, or download a PDF version from Craftsy.

Here is what Pikachu looks like when stitched on plastic canvas:

photograph of a cross stitched Pikachu magnet

I hope you enjoy stitching up this Pikachu; share pictures if you do!

Free charts are for personal use only. Please read my free chart use policy here.

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Free Chart Friday: Ditto

Another Friday, another free cross stitching chart. Today I have a chart for a simple Ditto:

cross stitch chart with ditto Pokemon

I made Ditto into a magnet for my fridge (but using different colors, I preferred a pink Ditto):

photograph of cross stitched Ditto pokemon magnet stuck to a fridge

This Ditto is stitched on 14 count perforated plastic canvas, which is a great material for cross stitch magnet making. Ditto is a big magnet, about 3.5 inches across.

Save the chart by right clicking on the chart image and choosing “save image.” Or download the chart as a free PDF from Craftsy!

Enjoy the chart and please share pictures if you make a Ditto with the chart!

Free charts are for personal use only. Please read my free chart use policy here.

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