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Life is like a box of sewing machine feet

I used to keep my sewing machine feet in a bag, where they floated around my sewing drawer, getting in the way as I ignored them and only used the regular presser foot, with the occasional zipper foot rendezvous. But no more! Now they have their own secure, labelled home in a repurposed embroidery floss case:

2015-11-26 16.13.35

2015-11-26 16.13.46

They remind me of a fancy box of chocolates, each in their little compartment with a coordinated label.

Since I don’t have that many feet, I also put my different machine needles in the organizer, too, and a few pieces of beeswax for coating threads.

As a bonus, I had to find out what the feet I had actually were, which means I learned what they do, too! That overcasting foot is going to handy; it’s what you’re actually supposed to use to stitch over the edges of fabric so they don’t fray. I know I’m going to break that out next time I’m starting a new cross stitch project and want to keep the Aida from fraying.

If you’re thinking of organizing your own sewing machine feet, here are two posts that I found helpful for identification. My sewing machine manual was also a useful resource.

Sew Much Easier’s Guide to Presser Feet

Feet, Feet, Feet! from Sew Mama Sew

How do you organize your sewing machine accessories?

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Tutorial: Organizing Embroidery Floss

I struggled for a long time with finding an easy but effective (and not too expensive!) way to store my embroidery floss. I never liked the plastic bobbin system, although I know some people swear by it. I think that it takes too long to wind floss onto the bobbins; the floss gets creases in it, which makes it harder for me to work with; and it is hard to store bits of leftover floss without tangles or using a lot of extra bobbins.

But, I think I have finally settled on the floss storage that works best for me. It is cheap, efficient, and easily customizable, and today I will show you what you need to organize your floss this way, too.

embroidery floss neatly put away in a box

I settled on this system after seeing several other ways that people have organized their floss, including this post by Bird Nest on the Ground and this Instructable. I also put together several Google Doc spreadsheets for different floss manufacturers so I can keep track of the colors I have and the ones I need.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • embroidery floss (it doesn’t matter if it is still neatly wrapped in a skein or if it is in a bit of a jumble)
  • snack-sized plastic bags (I used these Ziploc bags)
  • metal key chain rings (I used these)
  • small write-on labels (or these DMC number stickers)
  • pen
  • scissors
  • paper cutter (or other method for cutting paper in straight lines)
  • cardstock or index cards or other slightly stiff paper (acid-free if you plan to store the floss for a long time) — I re-used some old manila folders
  • storage boxes, approximately 8 inches wide and 4 inches tall (and however deep you can fit on your shelf) — I bought Iris brand stackable boxes at Joann, they are 13 inches deep and I can fit 50-60 floss packets in each
  • grippy drawer liners
  • one of these spreadsheets, if you want to keep track of your thread inventory electronically

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