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Free Pattern Friday: Free Pattern Round-Up

For this installment of Free Pattern Friday I’ve brought together a list of resources for free cross stitch patterns across the web. Of course, it isn’t difficult to find “free” patterns on the web, but I’ve curated the list to include only those that have been made free by their designers.

  • First, of course, is the free pattern category here on PDX-Stitch
  • Craftsy has a large variety of free embroidery patterns, both for hand embroidery (including cross stitch), and machine embroidery. Patterns are provided in PDF form by their designers, and the site includes both free and paid patterns for many other crafts, too.
  • Daily Cross Stitch features a new free, simple pattern on their site each day. Their other patterns are only $1.
  • Birdie Stitching posts a new free cross stitch pattern nearly every day, often fandom-based (particularly Pokémon, Sailor Moon, gaming, and anime charts).
  • A search on Deviantart reveals many free charts, though the search functionality on the site is sorely lacking
  • DMC’s website has a lot of patterns & projects, separated into projects for regular cotton floss, variegated floss, metallic floss, etc.
  • Anchor’s website also offers free tutorials and patterns for cross stitch and other embroidery projects. They do require a free registration to download projects, but registering also allows you to bookmark things for later and to comment on projects.
  • Tiny Modernist has some really cool charts for sale in her Etsy shop, and also conveniently lists all of her free patterns on her blog (I love the sewing room project; I’m adding it to my to-do list!)
  • Artecy Cross Stitch posts “10-20 new patterns… each fortnight” to their shop and makes two of these available for free for two weeks. They also continually offer some flag patterns and awareness ribbon patterns that are either public domain or free for personal use.

Surely I’ve missed some great free pattern resources, so please add your own favorites in the comments below!



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