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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #4

Good morning from the Portland Airport. I write this update on the Simpsons couch project as I wait for a flight across the country to visit my parents. I’ve brought along a lot of WIPs in my carry on luggage; I think the needles and metal hoops and rings that I keep my floss on really confounded the security guy who was running the X-ray machine. He stared at the X-ray of my bag for so long! But they’re all gone safely through.

This update brings new colors to the Simpsons family:

photograph of cross stitch depicting the Simpsons family sitting on the couch

They have skin & Bart has a shirt now! Lisa is all done, except for her popcorn bowl. I am very pleased with how it is turning out.

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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #3

It’s white & black & white all over this Wednesday, as I finished the black outlining & filled in the white areas on the Simpsons couch cross stitch.


I don’t know why the DMC Blanc looks so much more yellow than the white aida, but it does. Also, without any other colors, the Simpsons look really creepy. Next I’m going to do their skin. Onwards!


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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #2

Time for update number two on the Simpsons couch cross stitch project. I’m still working on the outlining but I’m done with 5 out of 6 pages of the pattern:

photograph of cross stitch project depicting the Simpson family sitting on their couch

As you can see, I just have the side table and part of the couch left to do before I move on to colors! This project seems to be going pretty fast, but we’ll see what I have to say when I’m stitching endless stretches of wall and floor.

See the progress on this project by checking out the Simpsons Couch tag.

What are you working on this Wednesday?

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