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Free Chart Friday: Months of the Year

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I am cheating with a cross stitch chart that uses no cross stitch:

month names backstitch chart

I’m starting on a flower of the month cross stitch project (with free charts from Ellen Maurer-Stroh) and, although she includes a small backstitch alphabet for the project, I wanted something different. So I put together this cursive-y backstitch “alphabet.” Of course, it isn’t really an alphabet because it is missing a lot of letters. It was inspired by this alphabet from About.com. I tweaked some of the letters to make them smaller & to make them look more like my own handwriting (except my handwriting isn’t anywhere close to so orderly).

Usually the free charts I post are for personal use only, but feel free to use this one to stitch up things for sale. Just don’t sell the chart; and give credit and link back to https://pdxstitch.wordpress.com.

Stitch & enjoy!


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