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Free Chart Friday: Two Script-y Cross Stitch Alphabets

Today I have two cross stitch alphabets for your use and enjoyment:

pixel font cross stitch alphabet chart


Click on the image to make it bigger, and right click (or control-click on a Mac) to save a copy. Or download a free PDF version from my Craftsy store. These two alphabets are based on two free pixel fonts, Handy (top) and Pixel-Love (bottom). I just put them in an easy cross stitch chart format. I don’t think there are enough small cross stitch (as opposed to back stitch) alphabets out there!

Feel free to use these alphabets in any of your cross stitching projects, but please don’t sell the chart itself. Stitch and enjoy!

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Free Chart Friday: Months of the Year

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I am cheating with a cross stitch chart that uses no cross stitch:

month names backstitch chart

I’m starting on a flower of the month cross stitch project (with free charts from Ellen Maurer-Stroh) and, although she includes a small backstitch alphabet for the project, I wanted something different. So I put together this cursive-y backstitch “alphabet.” Of course, it isn’t really an alphabet because it is missing a lot of letters. It was inspired by this alphabet from About.com. I tweaked some of the letters to make them smaller & to make them look more like my own handwriting (except my handwriting isn’t anywhere close to so orderly).

Usually the free charts I post are for personal use only, but feel free to use this one to stitch up things for sale. Just don’t sell the chart; and give credit and link back to https://pdxstitch.wordpress.com.

Stitch & enjoy!


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