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WIP Wednesday: Helix Nebula #2

With just a week left in #30for30crafting, it looks like I am going to meet my goal of finishing the first page of my Helix Nebula cross stitch.


Incidentally, it is nigh impossible to photograph this thing because of how much black is in it. Unless the light is just right, it looks like a big dark blob.


But I’ve only got a few big sections and all those scattered stitches left to go to finish up the first page! At the current rate, I could probably finish the entire thing in less than a year. Even though it’s as large as the X-Files project, because there’s so many different colors and shapes, so it keeps it interesting.


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WIP Wednesday: Malcolm Tucker

I finally finished the X-Files cross stitch! Pictures will be forthcoming, but until then, I have started a new project. It is just a simple hoop of a quotation from Malcolm Tucker, a character in the British TV show The Thick of It. As you might imagine if you’re familiar with the show, the piece contains some strong language, so click through to see it (but not if you’ve got easily offended persons looking over your shoulder):

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WIP Wednesday: 30for30 Crafting

Because I am nearing the end of the X-Files cross stitch (and the progress is seeming less and less dramatic) there is no big progress shot for today’s WIP Wednesday. Instead, I invite you to check out the #30for30crafting tag on the PDX-Stitch Tumblr, where I’ll be posting a WIP picture every day through the month of May! The #30for30crafting tag is part of a challenge to craft for at least 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. May has 31 days, but #30for31 is not as catchy.

I lied when I said there would be no pictures of the X-Files stitching. Here is a beautiful, completed corner:

I Want to Believe X-Files cross stitch up close

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