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WIP Wednesday: Last update of 2015

Happy last Wednesday of 2015, gentle readers! I thought we could ring out 2015 with a round-up of my as-yet-unfinished cross stitches:

2015-12-30 16.24.03

First, more progress this week on the Simpsons on the couch.

2015-12-30 16.25.38

And an update on the flower of the month project. Just January and February to finish in the new year!

2015-12-30 16.24.59

And some older projects I’ve been working on a while, like this sleeping fox.

2015-12-30 16.24.41

And the Steotchalong, which I obviously abandoned two weeks in. The half and quarter and blended stitches just got to me too much!

My new year’s resolution is to finish all of these in 2016, and of course to start new projects, too! Do you have any resolutions for 2016, crafting or otherwise?

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Simpsons couch: Christmas Eve Update


Happy Christmas eve, dear readers. I missed WIP Wednesday yesterday, but here is an update on the Simpsons couch project. As you can see there is a lot more
color, and the couch is nearly finished. I ran out of the thread for the couch, though, so I have to work on other parts until I get to the store.

Hope you all are having a good holiday, and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a great day!

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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #4

More Simpsons couch gag cross stitch updates means more colors on the project:

work in progress photograph of cross stitched simpsons on the their couch

I got a new needlework stand this past weekend which is translating to faster stitching. But I will probably have to take a break on this for a while because I have several sewing commissions to take care of first!

What are you working on this Wednesday?

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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #4

Good morning from the Portland Airport. I write this update on the Simpsons couch project as I wait for a flight across the country to visit my parents. I’ve brought along a lot of WIPs in my carry on luggage; I think the needles and metal hoops and rings that I keep my floss on really confounded the security guy who was running the X-ray machine. He stared at the X-ray of my bag for so long! But they’re all gone safely through.

This update brings new colors to the Simpsons family:

photograph of cross stitch depicting the Simpsons family sitting on the couch

They have skin & Bart has a shirt now! Lisa is all done, except for her popcorn bowl. I am very pleased with how it is turning out.

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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #3

It’s white & black & white all over this Wednesday, as I finished the black outlining & filled in the white areas on the Simpsons couch cross stitch.


I don’t know why the DMC Blanc looks so much more yellow than the white aida, but it does. Also, without any other colors, the Simpsons look really creepy. Next I’m going to do their skin. Onwards!


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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #2

Time for update number two on the Simpsons couch cross stitch project. I’m still working on the outlining but I’m done with 5 out of 6 pages of the pattern:

photograph of cross stitch project depicting the Simpson family sitting on their couch

As you can see, I just have the side table and part of the couch left to do before I move on to colors! This project seems to be going pretty fast, but we’ll see what I have to say when I’m stitching endless stretches of wall and floor.

See the progress on this project by checking out the Simpsons Couch tag.

What are you working on this Wednesday?

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WIP Wednesday: Simpsons Couch #1

Today’s work in progress Wednesday update showcases a new project, the Simpsons on their beloved couch!
photograph of partially completed simpsons cross stitch showing Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Bart, Snowball and Santa's Little Helper

This is actually one of two cross stitch projects I’m working on, the other being a small hoop, but that one is a gift for a friend, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Eventually the Simpsons are going to take up most of the 15 by 18 inch piece of aida cloth I’m stitching on. You can see the silhouette of Homer emerging on the left, particularly his belly. The two straight vertical lines on the far right are going to be a floor lamp. You can probably tell that I’m working this a page at a time. Except for a few stitches on each page that are far away from everything else, I’ve finished three of the six pages.

What are you working on this Wednesday?


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WIP Wednesday July 22

I missed WIP Wednesday last Wednesday because I was busy seeing the sights of Portland with my parents who were visiting (OK, we really only saw one sight, the Portland Japanese Garden, but then we got really nice matcha lattes downtown).

But I’ve still been working hard on the signal flag sampler. I finished the cross stitching on the alphabet flags and started on the little flags that will eventually read “England expects that every man will do his duty.” Then there’s just a lot more backstitching and more cross stitching to go!

work in progress picture of signal flag cross stitch sampler by pdxstitch

And then today I also went to the quilt shop and got a ‘quilter’s dozen’ of fun patterned fat quarters. I do have an idea for some of them, but some I just got ’cause they’re so darn pretty.

photo of 13 patterned fat quarters from the Stitchin' Post in Sisters Oregon

That’s all for work in progress Wednesday! What are you working on today?

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WIP Wednesday: More Signal Flags

Another Wednesday, another work in progress shot. I’ve nearly finished the alphabet flags and made good progress last night on the Morse code border.

work in progress picture of signal flags sampler cross stitch showing Morse code border and 24 flags

Just two more letters to go and then I’ll start on the numbers!

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WIP Wednesday: A Suffusion of WIPs

I’m getting a bit carried away with projects I’ve got in the works this week. I have three started-but-not-finished cross stitches and my first attempt at needle felt.

work in progress cross stitch signal flag sampler June 24 2015 — from pdxstitch

First there is the ongoing signal flags sampler. I’ve done at least one flag in every row & column of the main alphabet, and so far I haven’t had any more major mistakes that required me to rip out parts. I also started the Morse code border up at the top right. And I put this pattern in my Crafsty shop, so you can stitch it, too!

in progress photograph of cross stitched wild rose

I had to take a break from the signal flags to work on June’s flower of the month. This month is the wild rose. The pattern is a free one from Ellen Maurer-Stroh. This is the fourth flower of hers I am doing and I like how it is so far requiring not very much parking. I stitched this while watching a few episodes of Continuum and Angel last night.

The third cross stitch I’m working on is Steotch’s Steotchalong; the pattern for Week 2 was released Monday but I haven’t gotten around to stitching it yet, so a progress photo wouldn’t look any different from the post from Week 1.

adventure time snow golem needle felting work in progress photo

Last but not least there is this, my first attempt at needle felting. It is supposed to be the snow golem from Adventure Time. Eventually this will be sewn into a bag that can hold crafting supplies for when I’m out and about. The ground fabric is some wool suiting fabric from Joann Fabrics. I had a terrible time marking the fabric for a guide on where to do the felting; the fabric pen shows up OK in the photo but is almost impossible to see in real life. So I’ve been guessing and going with what looks good. Eventually there will be a fire wolf pup to keep him company.

Whew, I’ve got a lot on my crafting plate. What are you working on this week?

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