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Projects finished in 2014

Christmas & Hanukkah Dogs

Happy December, everyone! Time to get fully in the swing of the holidays, and I’m doing my part by sharing these cross-stitches that I made almost exactly one year ago.

photograph of a cross stitched square with the words '2014' and 'merry christmas' surrounding a dog with a red collar

photograph of a cross stitch square with words '5775' and "happy hanukkah" in Hebrew surrounding a dog with a blue collar

These are two sides to an ornament I made last year for my parents. One side is for Christmas and the other for Hanukkah. The dog is designed to look like their dog, Claire.

claire, a dog

This is Claire

I think I got the colors and the ears pretty close. I colored the Aida cloth with acrylic paints & Martha Stewart fabric medium, which worked fine to color it, but did make the fabric very stiff and harder to work with. Also, it was probably not a great idea to make the Christmas background green and the text red. But my parents have another (additional) dog now, so I will have to make another set of ornaments for 2015!

What are you stitching up for the holidays?


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TBT: Red and Black

I thought it was time for a little throwback Thursday, so today I’m sharing an older finished cross stitch piece that I made:


I made these snowflake/star things in December 2014; they were my last finish for that year. This was my first project working on black aida and it was not nearly so bad as I thought it would be! The holes are a bit harder to see but it gets easier with lots of light and a light-colored background to hold the fabric against. I had a hard time working with it when I was wearing jeans, but if I held it in my lap wearing light-colored pants, it was much easier!

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Free Chart Friday: Ditto

Another Friday, another free cross stitching chart. Today I have a chart for a simple Ditto:

cross stitch chart with ditto Pokemon

I made Ditto into a magnet for my fridge (but using different colors, I preferred a pink Ditto):

photograph of cross stitched Ditto pokemon magnet stuck to a fridge

This Ditto is stitched on 14 count perforated plastic canvas, which is a great material for cross stitch magnet making. Ditto is a big magnet, about 3.5 inches across.

Save the chart by right clicking on the chart image and choosing “save image.” Or download the chart as a free PDF from Craftsy!

Enjoy the chart and please share pictures if you make a Ditto with the chart!

Free charts are for personal use only. Please read my free chart use policy here.

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