Finished Project: Companion Cube in 3 Dimensions

I had to take a break from the giant Helix Nebula to work on something short and sweet. This need perfectly coincided with picking up Portal 2 again, after taking a five year hiatus (I had stopped literally during the final fight, much to the annoyance of my spouse). Well, the good news is that I finished both the game and this three-dimensional cross-stitched companion cube.

The cube is stitched flat with two strands of floss on a scrap of aida (I think 18 count but I’m not sure). After stitching, I cut around the stitched area, folded it into a cube shape, and sewed the edges shut with black thread. It’s stuffed with leftover thread pieces. It’s tiny, about 1.4 inches on each side (3.5 centimeters).

The cube now lives in my cubicle at work, and occasionally gets loaned out to coworkers having a difficult day.

The free pattern is available on




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4 responses to “Finished Project: Companion Cube in 3 Dimensions

  1. This is lovely! Do you have any advice on how to stitch the sides together? I’m not quite sure how to go about it.


    • Not exactly, other than carefully and slowly. I used sewing thread in a black to match the stitching around the edge. It is a little too small and stiff to sew it together inside out and then turn it right side out to stuff it. If I remember, I first sewed up each side to form a little box with an open top, with the last square forming a flap, then partially stuffed it, then stitched the last piece on top, leaving a tiny hole for the final stuffing. It’s helpful to have something long and pointy like a chopstick to get the last bit of stuffing in there.


  2. Ceofy

    Thanks, that’s really helpful! I was wondering how close you cut to the stitched area when you were cutting it out?


    • I don’t exactly remember, but I think it was about 1/4 inch. Too small and it will just fray, but any larger and it will be harder to wrangle into shape


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