Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2017

It’s taken me awhile to go through all my pictures from the 2017 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, but here are my favorite quilts from the show. I didn’t spend as much time there this year as I did the first time I went in 2015, but it was a good show nonetheless.

Photograph of the Sisters magazine Summer 2017 issue, featuring the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

In case it wasn’t obvious, this is going to be an image-heavy post.


photo of a hanging quilt. The quilt looks like a lined notebook page and says (in cursive)

“Cursive” (2016). Exhibited by QuiltCon, quilted by Paige Alexander

close-up photo of quilt. The quilting is rows and rows of stitched cursive letters.

Detail from “Cursive”

The details on this little quilt are great. I love the quilted cursive letters.

There were a number of great quilts being shown in the QuiltCon section. Unfortunately, they were mostly hung behind these decorative columns.

photograph of quilt showing a paper-pieced teal boombox on a large pink circle. The background of the quilt is white.

“Say Anything” (2016). Exhibited by QuiltCon, quilted by Lysa Flower.

Photograph of quilt showing four trees in a grid. The background is white. The trees are blue, green, brown, and pink.

“Die Beem (Trees)” (2016). Exhibited by QuiltCon, quilted by Lindsey Neill.

I love these simple, happy trees. They look like lollipops.

A hanging quilt in shades of blue, teal, purple, and gray. The center depicts the phases of the moon

“Earth and Sky” (1995). Exhibited & quilted by Betty Colburn.

Modern quilt in shades of red, black, and white, depicting an abstract, deconstructed version of Portland's Steel Bridge.

“Portland Steel Bridge” (2015). Exhibited & quilted by Elisa Corcoran.

I am really glad the Steel Bridge doesn’t look like this when I drive over it. I love the pops of red in the otherwise monochrome quilt.

Ok, so I guess I like pops of red in any quilt. What’s black and white and red all over? A quilt that I will probably take a picture of.

Hanging quilt with white background. The quilt depicts segments of color wheels in many shades.

“A Study in Color” (2017). Exhibited & quilted by Joye Merrell.

detail photograph of "A Study in Color" quilt, showing the pebble-shaped quilting in gray thread, and part of a color wheel in shades of red and orange

“A Study in Color” detail.

There were some good colorful quilts, too!

Quilt with white background and simple geometric shapes in many bright colors.

“2014 Medallion-a-long” (2014). Exhibited & quilted by Andrea Ramsey.

A quilt depicting an abstract representation of the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Brooklyn Bridge” (2016). Exhibited & quilted by Joan Fox.

The description for this quilt of the Brooklyn Bridge made me laugh: “The inspiration … came from [a photo in the] April 2016 issue of Money magazine. I liked the perspective in the photo created by the cables. I thought it would be fun to reproduce that in a quilt. I was wrong.”

There was also a special exhibit of Sue Spargo quilts which were amazing. Looking at all that embroidery and hand quilting made my fingers hurt. The details were just stellar.

I can’t wait for next year, when I’ll maybe have actually gotten around to finishing a quilt that I can submit to the show!


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