Flower of the Month: July

I’m a bit late to the July flower of the month party, considering it is halfway through August. But here it is, the larkspur! The patterns are from Ellen Maurer-Stroh, who has some great free patterns, including this series of flowers.


July’s flower is the larkspur. “Larkspur” refers to flowers from the genus Delphinium and the genus Consolida, but I am pretty sure that it is Delphinium depicted here. These are ornamental plants that are grown for their tall columns of flowers, but they are highly poisonous to humans and other animals, particularly cattle. Wikipedia says that the flowers bloom into late summer and are pollinated by butterflies, which makes the little stitched butterfly quite fitting.

Like the other squares, I altered the pattern just a bit and added the month name in the border in DMC 989, using the chart I posted. The stitching is done in two strands on 18 count antique white aida cloth.

Next month: the gladiolus.


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