Flower of the Month: June

I’ve finished another flower of the month square, which makes four — a whole third of the year. The patterns are from Ellen Maurer-Stroh, who has some great free patterns, including this series of flowers.

I have finished the fourth flower — June — this week:


June’s flower is the wild rose. I don’t know which wild rose it is, because that name refers to a number of different species, but it looks like either Rosa acicularis or R. virginiana. They’re both shrubby deciduous bushes that are native to North America.

Like the other squares, I altered the pattern and added the month name in the border in DMC 936, using the chart I posted. The stitching is done in two strands on 18 count antique white aida cloth.

Here is how they all look together (click to make it bigger):


Next month: the larkspur.


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