Flower of the Month: April

I’ve finished another flower of the month square, which makes two down and ten to go. The patterns are from Ellen Maurer-Stroh, who has some great free patterns, including this series of flowers.

I have finished the second flower, for April, and unlike March I actually finished it before the last moment:



April’s flower is the sweet pea, a flower that I constantly want to misspell as “sweat pea.” The sweet pea is native to Italy and the Mediterranean and was “the floral sensation of the late Victorian era.” They are related to the edible pea, but are not edible themselves.

I don’t know why this is April’s flower, since according to Wikipedia the sweet pea does not flower until midsummer. Though this past week was quite summery in Portland, it is nowhere near midsummer.

Like March’s square, I altered the pattern and added the month name in the border in DMC 319, using the chart I posted. The stitching is done in two strands on 18 count antique white aida cloth. I’m still not sure what to do with the finished piece, and now I’ve only 10 months to figure it out. Suggestions are welcomed.

Next month: lily of the valley.


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3 responses to “Flower of the Month: April

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  2. That looks great! My suggestion for your completed project is framing and hanging up in the house. Of course for me, it would show that I stuck to a single long-term project and actually completed it. Which would be really impressive for my super short attention span!


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